UNITED in Holy Matrimony

UNITED in Holy Matrimony

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A dream wedding in the Arizona desert for two fellow Reds.

Photos by Elyse Hall Photography

Old Trafford is known as the Theatre of Dreams, but on a recent day in Arizona it was no match for a dream Manchester United-themed wedding between two fellow Reds living in these UNITED States.

Wellen steps into the Number 9 worn by Berbatov and Cole. (Photos by Elyse Hall Photography)

Kristen, whose parents are from England, was raised is a household of proper Reds.  Mark was a semi-professional footballer and is also an ardent Manchester United supporter.

That straw is pure class. (Photos by Elyse Hall Photography)

From the straws, to the lighting, to the socks… on this day, Phoenix was RED!

United’s kitman would be proud of these lads. (Photos by Elyse Hall Photography)

We don’t know if the groom gave a toast to Sir Alex Ferguson, but if he did it certainly would have been well received. After all, Kristen’s father said that a man who loved United was 90% of what he was hoping for in a son-in-law!

Mark, well done mate! You hit the jackpot! Kristen, your father certainly raised you right! Cheers to both of you from all of your fellow Reds across these UNITED States.

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