Meet the Michigan Reds

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    Meet the Michigan Reds, a new Manchester United supporter group forming in the Detroit area.

    One of our stated objectives at UNITED in the States is to get the word out about existing supporter groups and to encourage others to start groups in their area. Since our inception, we have already helped a few supporter groups take those first steps. With all of the enthusiasm generated as a result of Tour 2015 and the upcoming season,  we expect this season will be no different.

    This is why we are very excited to have received this e-mail from a new group in the Detroit Area:

    We’re the Michigan Reds and you can find us on Twitter @ManUnitedMI! We’re a new MUFC group here in the Great Lake State, trying to connect all fans of Manchester United at our home.  We were founded on July 27th, 2015, by Johnie Franklin III and Jessie Cloman, with nothing but spirit and ambition to support our club from the States and connect fans to watch together in Michigan. We’re in the process of finding a place to gather for matches so that the fans can meet, connect, and grow into a bigger family. It’s an honor and privilege to support Man United, and to also be supported by the rest of the U.S. Supporter Clubs around the Nation. We’re located in the Detroit Area, (Waterford, Lake Orion) and would like to meet up at a central location closer to Downtown Detroit or even Auburn Hills, MI or Rochester Hills, MI. As we grow and more members join, we will continue to grow as a family and support our club we love dear to our hearts!



    We wish Johnie and Jessie good luck and can’t wait to see how big this group is by the end of the season!