Our Mission

Our Mission

UNITED in the States is a website with a unique perspective on the story of Manchester United as told by an ever-growing community of ardent supporters across the United States.

Our mission is to unite the Red Army across America by faithfully chronicling the shared experiences of Manchester United supporters and supporter groups across these UNITED States.

We hope to be the voice of a dedicated, passionate, loyal and knowledgeable fan base whose love for the greatest football club in the world is not tempered by time, distance or nationality.

Join us at the Red Army invades America!

We are very happy to have the support of One United USA, the Official Membership and Supporters Club for Manchester United in the United States of America, especially David Herman. They were very gracious in allowing us to register and use the UNITEDintheStates.com domain name, which they once owned.
We will be promoting One United USA brand heavily on our site.