Red-Friendly Pubs Across the USA

Red-Friendly Pubs Across the USA

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You're away from home and you miss your United family. Make some new friends at these Red-friendly establishments across the country.

Everyone loves their home pub.

You like the fact that the bartender greets you by name as you walk in and starts pouring your favorite pint before you even sit down.  You have a favorite table or bar stool, but you know where the other good spots are just in case someone wakes up just a little earlier than you. You know which TV sets are the dodgy ones and avoid them at all costs. Most of all, you love your fellow Reds because you have grown close to them throughout the years.

Which is why being out of town on a match day can be so unsettling.

Have you ever found yourself on a business trip in a hotel that doesn’t carry NBCSN? Perhaps your have tried to watch a match on a tablet but your data or wi-fi signal prevents you from getting a quality stream? Is there anything more frustrating than calling around to different pubs and talking to a clueless hostesses who doesn’t seem to know why anyone would want to be at the bar at 6 AM?

Well then, you’re in luck.  Our friends at One United USA, the Official Membership and Supporters Club for Manchester United in the United States of America, have compiled a great list of Red-Friendly establishments where you can always feel right at home… even if you are hundreds of miles away.

The full list is available at:



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