Meet the Reds from Middle Tennessee

Meet the Reds from Middle Tennessee

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I can’t tell you how excited we are to be part of this new Manchester United website, and we’re looking forward to contributing every week. My name is Kevin Thistlethwaite, and I am the president of the Manchester United Fans of Middle Tennessee. As a fan club we have been around for about five years, but in December of 2014 we became an official Manchester United fan club.

We meet for every match at Dan McGuinness Irish Pub in Cool Springs Tennessee, about 15 minutes south of Nashville. We have a strong core of fans who come out every match, and we usually have a crowd of between 25 – 40 people.


The last match was the game versus Leicester City, where we unveiled our new fan club flag!!! We always have a strong singing section, and are constantly looking for new chants, and have even come up with a few ourselves. Everything seemed to fall into place in the Leicester game; we were in full voice, the new flag got a great reception, and 3 points for the Red Devils! The new flag will in fact be making the trip to Old Trafford for the game against Sunderland.

We do have our own website, which is and we are on Facebook under “Manchester United Fans of Middle Tennessee.” We also have a Twitter account which is @mufmt. Feel free to friend us, and any time anyone is visiting the Nashville area, please give us a shout!



Wil oversees the day-to-day operation of UNITED in the States and refines its tone of voice by coordinating and curating content submissions from regular and guest contributors. A Manchester United supporter for the past 26 years, one of the happiest days of his life was his visit to Old Trafford in October 2011. Wil is a proud member of the Manchester United Fans of Los Angeles.


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