Welcome to UNITED in the States

Welcome to UNITED in the States

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Join us as we chronicle the Red Army invasion of America.

Welcome to UNITED in the States, a new website with a fresh perspective on the story of Manchester United as told from the point of view of an ever-growing community of ardent supporters across the United States.

This website will celebrate and highlight the distinct social and sporting lifestyle that comes with passionately supporting a football club that is both an ocean and eight time zones away.  We aim to tell the story of the father who gets up before sunrise on his off day to watch his team on a tablet in complete silence, trying desperately not to wake up the kids when they score.  We want to acknowledge those total strangers who became close friends through the shared experience of joining other strangers at a pub and chanting for hours with a pint in their hand.  These unique social interactions that supporters across the country relate to and appreciate will be at the very heart of UNITED in the States.

F682F332C3CE4139965B8EE3EA190406We will also examine the UNITED in the States sub-culture and how it manifests itself in the daily lives of our supporters.  We want to hear from the parents who named their kid after their favorite player.  We want pictures of cars with United stickers and personalized license plates.  We want to profile business professionals who wear club ties to work and then sit in cubicles furnished in United Direct clearance items.  From custom scarves that promote a group to amazing tattoos that promote something more personal, this website will cover it.

Most important of all, we want to give our supporters the chance to tell their very personal stories in their own words.  We have two recurring featured columns that will give fans across the country the opportunity to submit and share their passion for the club through first-person narratives.  We expect these featured columns to be some of the most compelling and thought provoking content on the site.

Finally, although it is not the intended purpose of the site, we believe that a positive representation of our passionate and unwavering support for the club is the perfect response to those negative elements, both from outside and even within the global Manchester United fan base, who use words like “plastic” or “gloryhunters” when dismissing the loyal fan base in the United States.

We hope you enjoy the website and we invite you to help make this site your own.  Please contact us if you have an idea on how to make the site better or if you would like your own voice to be heard by becoming a regular contributor.

One Love.  One United.

Wil Cuadros, Founder and Chief Content Officer



Wil oversees the day-to-day operation of UNITED in the States and refines its tone of voice by coordinating and curating content submissions from regular and guest contributors. A Manchester United supporter for the past 26 years, one of the happiest days of his life was his visit to Old Trafford in October 2011. Wil is a proud member of the Manchester United Fans of Los Angeles.