Oklahoma City Photo Shoot

Oklahoma City Photo Shoot

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Tyler Vaughn shares a few pictures from a recent Oklahoma City Reds photo shoot.

Recently, the Manchester United Supporters of Oklahoma City were given the opportunity to take part in a photo shoot with a local photographer, Beau Brand of Brand Imaging, Inc. Beau is not only an excellent photographer, but he also happens to be a United supporter (he’s the one with the impressive beard).


Beau was looking to expand his already impressive portfolio while providing promotional shots for our group’s local pub, Skinny Slim’s. Some of our supporters came out and had some great pictures taken.


Of course, this was not a United-only event. All of the Premier League supporter clubs that call Skinny Slim’s home were invited to come out. The photo shoot included Gooners, Spurs, and Blues. Curiously enough, no Scousers showed up. Perhaps they didn’t feel they were the most photogenic bunch.


Anyway, we spent a couple of hours at the studio, had a few beers, and got the chance to take some photos that we think turned out nicely.




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