Meet the Reds from Oklahoma City

Meet the Reds from Oklahoma City

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Tyler Vaughn introduces the Oklahoma City Reds. MU - MUF - MUFC - OKC!

Our group officially started at the beginning of the 2013/14 campaign. A handful of us would often get together for matches at each other’s houses in the past, but it wasn’t until last season that Oklahoma City finally got a football-friendly pub that would open for matches. Once Skinny Slim’s opened and we finally had a public place to meet, I decided to create the group and it’s been growing steadily ever since.

Our home pub is the only one of it’s kind here so we share it with other groups. It’s also pretty small so on days when the big teams are playing there can be quite the atmosphere. It’s great when we win but awful when we lose as everyone else hates United. Seems like they cheer more against us than they do for their own teams.

Despite the lack of recent success on the field, we continue to have good turnouts for most matches, and we’ve even had two of our group pictures shown on NBC Sports. Next time I go to Old Trafford, I hope I can bring a group of OKC Reds with me. If anyone is ever in this part of the country then swing by Skinny Slim’s in downtown OKC!

Tyler Vaughn



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