Get Your Group on TV!

Get Your Group on TV!

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Your Manchester United group could be on NBC Sports!

Over the last few weeks, Manchester United supporter groups across these UNITED States have been prominently featured on NBC Sports in a short-form feature called “I Was There”, which typically airs on the Goal Zone program.

Due to the success of these videos, NBC Sports is expanding upon the concept and is inviting supporter groups across the country to upload their own user-generated footage to social media accounts. The best footage will be featured on their Premier League broadcasts.

Whether you are an official chapter of One United USA, the Official Membership and Supporters Club for Manchester United in the United States of America, or a group of acquaintances that meet for matches at your local bar, you now have a unique opportunity to share your passion for Manchester United with a national audience!

Just follow these simple rules:

  • Create a 5 to 15 second video and post immediately to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. Don’t let a second pass!
  • Use the hashtag #IWasThere; it will also help to include @NBCSportsSoccer and the name of your supporters group and bar.
  • You can record your footage with a cell phone, tablet or Go Pro.
  • If using a cell phone, film in landscape mode (sideways) rather than portrait mode (up and down).
  • Make sure to upload an explosive moment, such as goal reactions, chants, funny outbursts or any kind of raw emotion.

Please understand there are a number of stars that need to align to get footage on air. However, if you are quick to post high-quality content using the hashtag #IWasThere then you may see yourself on TV!

If your group has previously been in contact with us here at UNITED in the States, we will be reaching out to you later today with some additional information that may help get your content on the air. If we have yet to meet your group, please feel free to contact us at so that we can share this information with you as well.

One Love. One United!




Wil oversees the day-to-day operation of UNITED in the States and refines its tone of voice by coordinating and curating content submissions from regular and guest contributors. A Manchester United supporter for the past 26 years, one of the happiest days of his life was his visit to Old Trafford in October 2011. Wil is a proud member of the Manchester United Fans of Los Angeles.