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Wil oversees the day-to-day operation of UNITED in the States and refines its tone of voice by coordinating and curating content submissions from regular and guest contributors. A Manchester United supporter for the past 26 years, one of the happiest days of his life was his visit to Old Trafford in October 2011. Wil is a proud member of the Manchester United Fans of Los Angeles.

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    Diana Forzey, our staff writer and contributor, provides us with some background on our newest star who didn't even have a Wikipedia page until last week.


    For those of us who can’t get enough of the infusion of adrenaline that Marcus Rashford has injected into our veins, and the squad, here is some history on the 18 year old.

    Like many of us, Rashford grew up with memorabilia of our beloved Manchester United covering his bedroom walls.  He is one of five children, one girl and four boys, and comes from very humble beginnings. The mild-mannered young lad still lives at home with his mom.  He is very focused on what he wants to achieve for his family.

    Born and raised in Greater Manchester, Rashford played for Fletcher Moss Rangers, the same junior club that brought us former United players Wes Brown, Danny Welbeck and Ravel Morrison. Rashford joined the junior club at the age of 5 and his talent was obvious from that very moment.  By the age of 7, both United and City had become interested in him.  Now 9 years old, the age in which a youth can join an Academy, Marcus was driven up to The Cliff to meet with United youth coach, Rene Meulensteen (who would later became Alex Ferguson’s right hand man), when he made his decision.  He was joining Manchester United.


    Though we all might want to think that it was his love of the club alone that made him choose the Red side of Manchester, the logical reality is that Meulensteen’s utilization of the Coerver method for the junior team, along with his power of persuasion, made Rashford see himself as a better footballer under United’s training program.  The Coerver Method advocates that skill is not only inherent with young players but can also be passed on in a comprehensive academic and systematic way. Under this technique, players progress in a structured manner, from basics of ball mastery to a tactically driven group attack.

    And so he came.  Before the last minute call up as a late injury replacement last Thursday in the Europa League clash against Midtjylland, Marcus Rashford had never started a game above the Under 19 level, though he had captained the U19’s and was top scorer for the U18’s last season.

    Playing his first match for the club’s senior team, Rashford not only scored once, he scored twice to lead United’s recovery in a 5-1 win against Midtjylland FC that qualified the team for the final 16 of the Europa League. This made him the club’s youngest scorer in European competition. If that’s not a whirlwind dream come true for a young player who only signed his professional contract with Manchester United in 2014, I don’t know what is?!


    Unless it’s scoring two more goals in his Premier League debut (more on that soon).

    With an injury crisis coursing through Manchester United, Marcus Rashford is the absolute best that could have come out of it.  All of those injuries have brought to the forefront this young, driven and dedicated talent.  He is precisely what we loyal fans needed this uneasy season, and he is not going anywhere fans.  He’s 18 and here to stay!

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      Dustin Cagle of MUFC OKC gives us a small glimpse into his massive personal collection of Manchester United memorabilia.

      My name is Dustin Cagle and I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have been playing soccer since I was four years old and have been a Manchester United fan since I was about ten years old.


      My father was a high school, club, and college soccer coach and my brothers and I are all die hard soccer fans. I have been a Manchester United soccer fan since the first time I saw them play and have been watching every game possible ever since. I’m not just a fan, I’m die hard, dedicated, and it’s a lifestyle.


      I have countless other Man United collectibles and my man cave slowly took over the whole house. I have had the pleasure to see a game at Old Trafford with my mother and father and it was an incredible almost indescribable experience to watch the Reds beat Liverpool at home. After seeing the play in OU I had the Manchester Red Devil tattoo on my back and had my license plate on my truck changed to MANUNTD.


      I have been to the World Cup, NBA Championships, Big IV Championships, Bowl Games, NFL Playoffs and nothing compares to watching Manchester United play. My father and older brother are both die hard Manchester United fans and I hope one day soon to be able to afford to go back and attend a game with them both. Hope you enjoy the pictures. My dad and brother have some pretty sick Manchester united man caves as well.









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        Meet the Michigan Reds, a new Manchester United supporter group forming in the Detroit area.

        One of our stated objectives at UNITED in the States is to get the word out about existing supporter groups and to encourage others to start groups in their area. Since our inception, we have already helped a few supporter groups take those first steps. With all of the enthusiasm generated as a result of Tour 2015 and the upcoming season,  we expect this season will be no different.

        This is why we are very excited to have received this e-mail from a new group in the Detroit Area:

        We’re the Michigan Reds and you can find us on Twitter @ManUnitedMI! We’re a new MUFC group here in the Great Lake State, trying to connect all fans of Manchester United at our home.  We were founded on July 27th, 2015, by Johnie Franklin III and Jessie Cloman, with nothing but spirit and ambition to support our club from the States and connect fans to watch together in Michigan. We’re in the process of finding a place to gather for matches so that the fans can meet, connect, and grow into a bigger family. It’s an honor and privilege to support Man United, and to also be supported by the rest of the U.S. Supporter Clubs around the Nation. We’re located in the Detroit Area, (Waterford, Lake Orion) and would like to meet up at a central location closer to Downtown Detroit or even Auburn Hills, MI or Rochester Hills, MI. As we grow and more members join, we will continue to grow as a family and support our club we love dear to our hearts!



        We wish Johnie and Jessie good luck and can’t wait to see how big this group is by the end of the season!

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          A casual soccer fan asks her Facebook friends for help finding a team to root for. This American Manchester United supporter replies with a simple yet passionate explanation of why Manchester United is the greatest football club in the world.

          Last week, ManUtd Boston member Remy noticed a friend’s post on Facebook. She isn’t a big soccer fan, but as she prepared to attend the game in San Francisco she wanted suggestions on who to root for.

          As he tells it, Barcelona fans dominated the comments, most of which proclaimed “Barca!”, “Messi!”, and worst of all, “United are the Yankees!” So, Remy did what any devoted Red Devil would do, and wrote a passionate explanation of why United are the greatest club in the world, which we’ve reprinted below.

          Needless to say, she chose Manchester United.


          United fan here! Judging by all the Barca fans, I’ve got my work cut out for me…

          To start, I don’t think a single United fan would grudge you rooting for Barcelona — they’re almost universally beloved, and play really entertaining soccer. If you rooted for United, it wouldn’t be out of hate for Barcelona.

          But, all these “United = the Yankees” comparisons are ridiculous. The Yankees haven’t developed talent for themselves in decades, and simply buy the greatest players once they hit their primes. (Barcelona’s rival, Real Madrid, actually does this too.) Meanwhile, both Barcelona and United have mirrored the modern-day Red Sox, using their resources to buy a few big-money players to complement the players they’ve developed in their world-class academy systems. As a result, they’ve been 2 of the 4 most successful clubs in the world over the past decade, and the most influential contributors to the English & Spanish national teams over the last 30 years.

          So, here are a few of the reasons to root for United:

          Root for United for the Class of ’92 : a group of 6 friends who joined the club when they were 11, grew up together their entire lives in the club’s youth system, all graduated to the big leagues, and won 35 (!!!) trophies between them over 20 years at the highest level of the sport.

          Root for United for Sir Alex Ferguson : the greatest manager who ever lived (this is pretty much undisputed), who coached at the club for 26 years, single-handedly made the team’s modern success possible, and whose efforts earned him literally every honor in the modern game multiple times over, plus a freaking knighthood to boot. (Oh, and he’s a professor at Harvard now.)

          Root for United for the Flowers of Manchester : the greatest-ever generation of English soccer players, almost all of whom died tragically in a plane crash in Munich in 1958, flying back from a game. United fans still observe their memory every year on the anniversary, Feb. 6th.

          Root for United for Sir Matt Busby : the legendary manager of that Flowers team, who miraculously survived the ’58 Munich disaster despite days in a coma, having been read his last rites twice. He woke up, retired… and then un-retired, to build another title-winning side as a tribute to those who died. Exactly a decade later, that team were champions of Europe. He built those “Busby Babes” through a philosophy that revolved around youth: “If they’re good enough, they’re old enough.”

          Root for United for the 1999 Champions League final, because it’s pretty much why we watch sports.

          Root for United for Cantona, for Giggs, for Best, for Beckham, for Scholes, for Rooney, for Ronaldo, for Robson, for Charlton, for Duncan Edwards. Root for United for Man Utd Boston, the best soccer supporters’ group the city of Boston has to offer. (Yeah, a little biased there.)

          But, most of all, have fun! After all, it’s not like you’re rooting for Liverpool.


          Re-posted from ManUtd Boston.  Click here to view the original article.

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            David Hammond, a Seattle resident born and bred in Manchester, shares with us his passion for the club and his experiences the last three times the Red Army has invaded the Emerald City.

            I have been a lifelong Manchester United fan; My love for the club started out when I was 4 or 5. I grew up in Manchester, 10 miles from the ground, and when growing up in Manchester you can really only support two teams, United or City. Thankfully, I was born on the Red half of town.  I remember my great aunt telling me stories about how she used to drink tea at the same tea shop as Sir Bobby Charlton. Other than being “Cantona” on the school playground, my biggest and earliest memory of United was going to my first game at Old Trafford; It was my birthday present and we played Arsenal. It was an amazing experience, I believe we won 2-0, and I still have the match day program.

            My mum recently told me a story of how, when I was six or seven, I asked for the latest United away kit. I think it was the classic black United kit from the 93-95 season. She said she had the choice of getting herself a new pair of shoes (her shoe had a hole in it) or the kit for me. The kit won, and she put a bag in her shoe to keep her foot dry. I think she knew what it would mean to me.


            I only met and saw a few United players when I lived in Manchester. Steve Bruce’s son played against our rival primary school, Schmeichel drove past my school once, and I had a brief sighting of Cantona in a hotel. It was during his Crystal Palace fracas, where he was staying at a hotel near town and he walked past me in the lobby. This was the first time I had really ever seen a true hero of mine.  I must have been around 11 years old. I froze in the moment, I sat down and just cried, overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn’t quite believe it, my mum had to go and get his autograph.


            I moved to the states in 1999 due to my dad’s job. My biggest concern was, “How am I going to watch United?” At first it was mainly online, just getting score updates or following a play by play because they didn’t have many games on TV. Obviously 1999 was a massive year for United; what a year to move away! I took the day off school for the Champions league final.  The game was at 12pm PST, but what a game!


            As the years went on, and because Soccer was becoming more and more popular, more Premier League games were being shown. We all know that United have such a huge worldwide following, so I was lucky enough that FOX Sports would play more United games than others. However, living on the West Coast isn’t a great time difference. We are 8 hours behind the UK, so I have taken a lot of long lunches to watch midweek games, and wake up at 5am AM for those United Liverpool games… but who wouldn’t? The sport has become so popular now that every EPL game is now live on TV! That really just shows how big the sport has become.


            Another example of how big the team and sport has become is United travelling to the States. In July 2003, United came to Seattle as part of their pre-season tour when they played Celtic. I took the day off work and came up to Seattle and found the hotel they were staying at. I couldn’t quite believe what I saw next, Sir Bobby Charlton was sat in the Lobby, Sir Alex was walking around. I was 6,000 miles from home, and I found myself in an elevator with John O’Shea and Ruud Van Nistelrooy. There were probably around 15 fans in the hotel and outside. I remember the one police office that was at the hotel asking me, “Who are these guys?”


            Fast forward to July 2011. United we staying at the Four Seasons Seattle, and you would have thought we were in Manchester, there were hundreds and hundreds of fans.  The roads surrounding the hotel were blocked due to the amount of fans. I was lucky enough again to get my shirt signed and a picture with Sir Alex. The passion for the sport in the States, especially in Seattle, is really impressive. I have been to a few Sounders matches, and the passion of the supporters is next to none within the MLS. Seattle is known to be called “Soccer City USA.”


            It was the same experience last year. I flew to Denver to watch the game vs Roma. The ground was 90% red.  Again, outside the hotel there were hundreds of fans.  I was lucky enough to meet Luke Shaw, Ander Herrera, and a few club legends like Yorke, Cole and Irwin!

            I was excited to see United coming to the states again this year. I am really excited about the game against Club America where I hope to see the new signings in action. These are really exciting signings and, in my opinion, exactly what we need. Our midfield now has so much depth and will be hard to be matched. I am also flying down to San Jose next week to watch the game against Barcelona, not a bad game to watch!

            I am a mad United fan and you can easily find me driving around… I’m the guy with the MUFC license plate!

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              Take a tour of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, Manchester United's training facility for Tour 2015.

              It may be thousands of miles away from Carrington, but the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Washington will play a big role in Manchester United’s preparations for the upcoming Premier League season. Fortunately, the team should feel right at home, having trained at this exact same facility during Tour 2011 in preparation for a match against Seattle Sounders F.C. of Major League Soccer, as seen in the video below:

              The sprawling 19-acre complex, which serves as the practice facility and headquarters for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League, opened in the summer of 2008. It takes its name from a strategic naming-rights partnership between the Seahawks and Virginia Mason Medical Center, a top-tier hospital in the Seattle area.

              Virginia-Mason-Athletic-Center-Primary-1 (1)

              Manchester United will be provided with unprecedented access to VMAC, which is anchored by a three-story building that boasts a massive locker room and lounge, weight and training rooms, administrative offices, team meeting rooms, and even a media production studio on site. The complex also houses a massive indoor practice field with a FieldTurf surface and three outdoor natural grass fields.

              The VMAC locker room.

              The sprawling 19 acre facility sits on the shores of Lake Washington, the second largest natural freshwater lake in the state of Washington. It is just a short 13 mile drive to CenturyLink Field, where Manchester United will take on Club America on Friday, July 17.

              Waterfront dining at the VMAC cafeteria.
              Waterfront dining at the VMAC cafeteria.

              It’s location on the lake shore not only yields some stunning views of the Seattle area, but it also allows VMAC to be accessible by alternative methods of transportation. The complex is easily accessible by car due to its proximity to Interstate 405, but the Seahawks also built docks on the lake shore for staff and personnel to arrive by boat. They have even been known to use seaplanes to fly in free agent players for tours of the facility.

              Jimmy Graham of the Seattle Seahawks was recently certified to fly seaplanes.

              Judging by some of the scenes from Monday, the lads already look right at home.

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                Manchester United arrives in Seattle to kick off Tour 2015

                Tour 2015 kicked off on Monday as Manchester United arrived in Seattle, Washington to begin a two week pre-season tour of the United States and participate in the 2015 International Champion’s Cup.  The club’s charter plane touched down at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at approximately 4:00 PM local time.

                Atlas Air


                The lads got the opportunity to stretch their legs from the 12-hour flight before boarding their brand new Tour 2015 bus for the short drive to their Bellevue-area hotel, where some fans were already waiting for them.




                Once checked in, the squad boarded the bus again and headed out to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, the headquarters and practice facility for the National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks and United’s home away from home for the next few weeks.

                Virginia-Mason-Athletic-Center-Primary-1 (1)

                The lads settled in to their sprawling locker room, and even got to try on some of the leftover Seahawk equipment.  After that, it was out to the practice fields for a light training and stretching session before heading back to the hotel for some rest after a long flight.



                Keep following UNITED in the States for more tour updates.

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                  This morning, Manchester United supporters across these UNITED States finally got the information they have been waiting for since last summer. The club announced the U.S. fixture dates for Tour 2015 presented by AON.

                  The first opponent is Mexican powerhouse Club America on July 17 at Centurylink Field in Seattle . This is not the first time that the two sides have faced each other in a pre-season match. In 2003, at the Los Angeles Colisuem, goals by Ruud van Nistelrooy and Diego Forlan powered the club to a 3-1 victory.

                  The club will then play two matches in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first will be on July 21 against the San Jose Earthquakes of Major League Soccer. The venue arrangements are still being finalized and we expect information soon.

                  The next fixture date is July 25 in Santa Clara at Levi’s Stadium. The opponent is none other than F.C. Barcelona. The two clubs last faced each other in the 2011 Champions League final at Wembley Stadium

                  Finally, the club will head out to Chicago for a July 29 clash at Soldier Field against Paris Saint-Germain, managed by former Manchester United defender Laurent Blanc.

                  Make sure to keep checking our website for more tour details and special ticket packages for supporters in the United States.

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                  Our Manchester Correspondent, Andy Hyslop of, gives us his analysis of yesterday's disappointing result against Everton.

                  After the recent run of results that has seen Manchester United outplay and beat Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester City, many United fans were dreaming that they could make a late charge for the Premier League Title. I myself never believed this but felt we could get 2nd position in the league and then push on next season with a few additions to the squad. After the run that saw United win six straight I felt we weren’t that far away from challenging for the League Title next season. Manchester United and their fans were going into the games away to Chelsea and Everton high on confidence. Despite losing 1-0 at Chelsea, the confidence should have still been high having outplayed Chelsea on their own patch and been unlucky not to come away from Stamford Bridge with at least a draw.

                  United went into the game at Goodison Park yesterday looking to get back to winning ways and move into 2nd position in the league and put the pressure on Arsenal ahead of their game against Chelsea. Sadly United were beaten 3-0 in a game that they dominated the possession in but were unable to create any clear cut chances and were caught on the break several times. Daley Blind returned for this game after missing the game against Chelsea and returned to the defensive midfield role he had occupied earlier in the season with Michael Carrick once again missing through injury. In the recent run of wins Blind had been playing at left-back and built up a good understanding with Ashley Young. I think Daley Blind can struggle in the defensive midfield role especially away from home, he gets overrun in that position far too often.

                  The last two games have highlighted how important Michael Carrick is to Manchester United, especially in this current formation that they are using. Carrick is a top class defensive midfielder, he doesn’t dive into challenges because he reads the game so well and just intercepts the opponents attacking plays and sets United up on attacks of their own. He offers the perfect shield for the Manchester United defence, whilst also looking to move the ball forward as quick as he can when he gets the ball. He is calm and doesn’t panic. Michael Carrick is now 33 years old and suffered several muscle injuries this season and has been clearly missed during these absences. United surely will be signing another defensive midfielder in the summer because when Carrick has been out injured, Van Gaal has used Blind or Rooney in that position and they are nowhere near the player Michael Carrick is in this position.

                  I think the last two results have also shown us Manchester United fans that we have to wait a little long to win back that Premier League Title. I expect to see several players going through the exit door at Old Trafford in the summer, with Louis Van Gaal bringing in the players he feels can play in this system. After finishing 7th last season, Louis Van Gaal has done a good job in getting United back into the top four this season. The next step is to have them challenging for the title next season. As long as United put up a challenge for the title next season I will be happy. Manchester United need to improve gradually and fans need to see this, I’m sure many fans will be happy as long as they can see an improvement in the team.

                  Andy is a Manchester United fan whose dream of being a season ticket holder was finally realized last season. He loves writing about our great club, whether it be match previews and reviews, current events or the history of Manchester United. He also has his own Manchester United Blog called

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                    Eleven year-old Charlie Wallwork, already a Full Time Devils star, joins the Men in Blazers on their podcast.

                    You may have seen his recent Fan Cam interview on Full Time Devils after the Manchester Derby. Now, eleven year-old Charlie Wallwork is getting some publicity here in the United States courtesy of the Men in Blazers.

                    Charlie was interviewed for the latest Men in Blazers podcast. Skip over to 52:13 for his interview.

                    Seems to us that we have a future football pundit in our midst. Great job young lad!

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                      For those of us who can’t get enough of the infusion of adrenaline that Marcus Rashford has injected into our veins, and the squad, here is...

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